Videopolis is a video production company specializing in everything from event coverage to documentaries to online video. Having originated from our parent company, Image Resources, Inc., we’re one of the most experienced in Indianapolis having produced hundreds of video documentaries since 1994.


“Naptown Rock Radio Wars” is Here


    A feature length documentary about the History of Rock n Roll Radio in Indianapolis – 1956 – 1982.  The Good Guys vs. The Buzzard.  Sold out two shows at Indianapolis IMAX and now on WFYI-20. Everyone these days is crazy about documentaries.  They’ve become ‘cool!’  A documentary about your company gives you an element of ‘chic’ in the eyes of your prospects.  New product?  New expansion?  New focus?  We’ll take care of it.

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vi-dē-ˌō\ä-p(ə-)ləs\ , noun;

Etymology: : Latin vidēre to see + -o (as in audio); Middle English, from Late Latin, from Greek mētropolis, from mētr-, mētēr mother + polis city —

Date: 1937 (video); 14th century (polis); 21st century (video\polis)

  1. the video production nerve center of a country, state or region (as in early 21st century Indianapolis)
  2. a place where online video, web video and corporate video are produced with the highest standards
  3. the focal point of a geographic region in which unbridled creativity is unleashed on behalf of its clientele
A feature length documentary about the history of rock and roll radio in Indianapolis 1956 – 1981.  Coming Summer 2010.

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