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“Naptown Rock Radio Wars” April 19 WFYI Channel 20

Friday, April 13th, 2012

For the past four years, we’ve worked on a documentary we call “Naptown Rock Radio Wars”.  We started with the dominance of WIBC-AM in the pre-Beatles days of the early 1960′s, and then followed the Indianapolis rock radio evolution from there.  First was the emergence of WIFE-AM which became the dominant Top 40 station despite their less-than-powerful signal, followed by the advent of WNAP-FM in 1968, the first full time commercial rock FM station in the US.  As we all know today, WNAP deposed WIFE as the FM band overtook AM due to its superior fidelity.

What we’ve done is tell the inside story of these wars–which also happened in a similar fashion throughout the US. “Naptown Rock Radio Wars” has its own website here.

Following a sold out premiere and several other showings at the IMAX Theater, we now move to television. The TV premiere will be Thursday, April 19 at 9pm on WFYI Channel 20 (20.1 digital) in Indianapolis.  This is the only scheduled showing on WFYI at this time.  Hope you can catch it!

Does Quality Matter

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

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Welcome to Videopolis.tv

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Welcome to Videopolis.tv! Thanks for visiting our quiet little burg. Things are peaceful and the sun is always shining, which makes the sales of Venetian Blinds sky high here so people can sleep at night. Kinda like San Diego in a Twilight Zonish short of way.

You may have figured out we do video production here. Yep, two edit suites, shoot in high-def, nice sized studio in the back with a drive-in dock so we can unload bigger props. We had a motorcycle in here a couple of weeks ago. Not a problem.

Our videos tend to be fun. Just did a big project for the Boy Scouts of America, based in Irving, TX. They have a traveling road show they’ve put together for their 100th anniversary. It’s pretty cool. So they flew us into San Diego for a few days to conduct interviews, shoot b-roll, and get some time lapse photography of setup (time lapse is one of our specialties!). You can see the finished production on our Portfolio City page. It only runs about 12 minutes, but that’s exactly what they wanted. A lot can happen in 12 minutes. The fourth quarter of an NBA game is 12 minutes. It’s time enough for my beloved Pacers to choke….. don’t get me started.

Have fun! Enjoy your stay! Feel free to take our complimentary taxi service from one page to the next. No charge, and a guaranteed smile.