“Videopolis.tv exceeded my expectations which is hard to do. Everything seemed to work very well and efficiently. From the comfortable waiting area, to the shoot and then finally editing, everything was done professionally! I was in and out quickly, and added my new video that night to my website and youtube. ”

“After posting the video to YouTube just last night, two different websites have already picked it up and posted it on theirs. That not only means it’s getting our website name out there, but it serves as all-important backlinks for our website too. Plus YouTube is owned by Google and it’s got to help in rankings. Having your own web video is a great idea and being able to do it so affordably is fantastic. If we had our video done from start to finish through an ad agency or somewhere, it would have cost probably $1000-$1500 including the creative, writing, graphics, studio time, editing, music, etc.”

Ann Craig & John Cinnamon
Co-Owners BuzzMug.com
“When we viewed our web video we were initially struck by the quality. Amazing high quality & definition! Plus professional editing & lighting. I had never used a teleprompter fearing I would look like I was reading but couldn’t even tell in the final production. We’re just ecstatic about the end results of our web video, the service and experience from start to finish.”

Devi & Warren Wick
Devi Multimedia
“For the low price, we wondered if our web video would look like it was produced by the high school AV club. But wow. HD video, pro lighting, editing and audio– our video just sparkles. Videopolis should be overrun by demand for this special.”

Rick Wilkerson
Keywerx Marketing
“The video looks fantastic and the process was unbelievably quick and simple.  I’ll be sure to pass the word on.  Videopolis was nothing short of great!”

Adam Crowe