Everything in life is based on complexity – taxes, marriage, snow removal. Figuring out what to charge is no different. More to the point, in video production pricing is based largely on how much traveling, how much scripting, how much shooting, and how much editing are involved.

Fortunately, we have some Packages available to simplify the process. If you want something which doesn’t quite fit into one of these packages, we can draft a proposal to exactly your specifications.

When you just really want to impress the hell out of the viewer.

Wow. Breathtaking!

Running time 10+ minutes

Let’s discuss, and we’ll fire off a proposal to you.

Gets your points across in an eye-catching and creative framework.

  • Meet a couple of the officers.
  • Tour the facilities.
  • Explain why you are unique in the marketplace.

They’ll laugh, they’ll cry, they’ll remember your name.

Running time 2-3 minutes

Seminars & conferences

One camera – $165/hour

Two cameras -  $225/hour

Editing – $165/hour

3 hour minimum, port-to-port