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Videopolis may be a new video production company to you, but we’re one of the most experienced in Indianapolis, having been producing corporate and legal video since 1994. What’s new? Our new company name, and our focus on web and offline video production for Central Indiana businesses.

Do you have a product introduction? Company history? Employee safety requirements? Meet the CEO? We help you tell your story effectively. Our parent company has become nationally known for the “settlement documentary”, a powerful method of communicating the before-and-after contrast in the life of an accident victim using classic documentary style video. We’ve used this approach for clients such as Raytheon, ITT Technical Institute, Indianapolis Business Journal, Independent Stationers, Inc., and The Indiana State Police.


Watch State Police Documentary

We’ve produced hundreds – no wait, MANY hundreds – of documentaries since we circled the wagons and formed this mofo in 1994. We’ve conducted thousands of interviews and shot enough b-roll to keep you occupied for entire length of the Trans-Siberian Express. Yep, all the way from Moscow to Beijing, although none of us have actually tested that claim yet.

We start with finding out what you want to communicate, how you plan to communicate it, and to whom you will be communicating. Then, we immerse ourselves in the subject matter. We’re not big fans of lots of voiceover. We’d much rather conduct interviews and let those people explain what’s going on.


You gather the troops together and before you know it the food’s all gone and the carpet needs to be shampooed. And what do you have to show for it? We have four video concepts that keep those memories alive.

Watch IBJ Awards Video

First, we can videotape all the presenters at the general sessions. Gavel to gavel coverage. We don’t miss a thing. Regional Sales Manager shows up drunk? CFO dressed inappropriately? We capture it all on video. Alpha / Omega. We’ll crank them out into DVDs for you and you can keep them on file, sell or give them to attendees, or post them on the Internet for distance learning, for the benefit of thems what couldn’t show up.

Watch ITT Educational Services Meeting Open

Second, we can snazz everything up and keep people awake with our unique and highly effective pre-produced Meeting Modules. We have found that just about the time attendees are starting to nod off or play with their iPhones, that’s the time for one of our modules. High energy. Nothing short of having a F-16 fighter jet circling the auditorium will get people’s blood stirring as much as one of our Meeting Modules.

Watch Make-A-Wish

Third, we can wander about shooting aimlessly in all directions, then bring the video back to our twenty-first century edit suite and cut something pretty cool together. Makes for a great web video, satisfy grant requirements, help with next year’s fundraising, and so forth.

Watch ITT Marco Island

Finally, and this is really cool, I mean sit-up-and-clean-your-glasses-off kind of cool, we can have your event professionally photographed – now stay with me – including time lapse photography, grip-and-grins, sessions, and receptions, and cut that together into video that can be played back the same day! Here’s a sample…



View More Photographs

“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and we’ll show up and take an incredibly sharp and colorful digital picture of it which can be blown up to 16×20 and still hold its detail.”

We have a complete photo studio with a full complement of lighting gear. Even more alarming is we know how to use it. We can shoot executive portraits, team photos, and tattoo calendars with aplomb. Location work, too.

Call for rates.

Studio Rental

Videopolis Studio

If you think you know how to use all these strobes and such, hey, have at it. We rent out our 800 square foot studio to aspiring photographers and videographers who need a spot where they can spread out. No windows. High ceilings. A drive-in dock. Plenty of electricity. Climate controlled. A makeup station. And lots of strobes and light modifiers to work with. Use of our kitchenette and the notorious Videopolis “Front Room.” Call for rates.