“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and we’ll show up and take an incredibly sharp and colorful digital picture of him eating his fish which can be blown up to 16×20 and still hold its detail.”

We have a complete photo studio with a full complement of lighting gear. Even more alarming is we know how to use it. We can shoot executive portraits, team photos, and tattoo calendars with aplomb. Location work, too.

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Studio Rental

Videopolis Studio

If you think you know how to use all these strobes and such, hey, have at it.  We rent out our 800 square foot studio to aspiring photographers and videographers who need a spot where they can spread out.  No windows.  High ceilings.  A drive-in dock.  Plenty of electricity.  Climate controlled.  A makeup station.  And lots of strobes and light modifiers to work with.  Also, use of our kitchenette and the notorious Videopolis “Front Room.”  Ahh, yes, the “Front Room.” Call for rates.