John F Kennedy

John F Kennedy

Much like the storied cattle barons of the old west, the mythology of Videopolis runs rampant with exploits of swashbuckling daring-do and friendly land wars. Here is some interesting trivia about the history of Videopolis:

  • Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders practiced their maneuvers in our city park;
  • During the Great Depression, Videopolis was the country’s leading supplier of denoument;
  • John F. Kennedy was sitting on a Videopolis phone book while riding in the open limo through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, TX;
  • A duck’s quack doesn’t make an echo in the downtown district;
  • The speed of light is slightly different in Videopolis than the rest of the Universe. Not sure why or how, just different.

Today, Videopolis shines like a beacon of freedom to pixel-starved companies throughout Central Indiana.


Mayor: Dave “The Professor” Fulton

Dave FultonDave busted his chops at Ball State University and afterwards. Some of his key accomplishments include

  • Setting up an audio recording studio in the back of a used record store in Broad Ripple, where he recorded many now legendary tracks by early new wave/punk groups, including the Zero Boys, E-in Brinos, and Amoebas In Chaos
  • Playing synthesizer and guitar in groundbreaking new wave bands The Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Last Four Digits
  • Did stuff for Indiana State Police
  • Also did stuff at Creative Impressions
  • Was the video guru at the Indiana Attorney General’s Office for six years
  • Launched Image Resources in 1994 and subsequently developing an award-winning, company specializing in video documentaries.

Commissioner: Brad “Commissioner” Schuchard

Brad SchuchardBrad Schuchard is a seasoned video production professional with over 12 years in the industry. As a full-time Video Production Specialist, Brad further honed his production expertise working with clients like Ford Motor Company and General Motors and producing segments for several weekly television programs in Detroit.

With experience in both field and post production across a number of different industries, Brad now brings his diverse skill set as a seasoned videographer and editor to Videopolis. Brad has been with the company since 2005.