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Our team is experienced - from young millennials to veterans - with decades of media and marketing experience. Together we produce exceptional campaigns that create results.
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Dave Fulton

Executive Producer

Dave Fulton is founder and president of Videopolis. Over the years, Dave has produced hundreds of videos across the nation on virtually every imaginable subject.

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Jon Quick

Jon has been an integral part of the marketing and PR world for the past 25+ years.

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Daniel has a passion for visual storytelling and is proficient at lighting, shooting, and editing video across various platforms and mediums.



Emily’s primary responsibilities include client relations, marketing, scheduling, project organization, writing blogs and overseeing social media content.

Daniel Risk
Emily Gregory

Marketing Consultant

Evan Pennington
Videographer/ Editor

Evan equally enjoys being behind the camera as he does being behind the editing computer.

Emmy Lindgren

Emmy has embraced her creative side by bringing an artistic eye to almost every medium, from photography to mixed media. 

Chris Fulton

Chris is a whiz with technology...enough said.

Where it began.

Few things in the world of business are as exciting as watching a marketing plan come together flawlessly. At, we have the tools to ensure that your marketing plan will do just that. Our company brings together respected professionals with expertise in the disciplines needed to lead 21st Century companies through the twisted mazes of ecommerce, marketing and video production.

Let’s begin with Dave Fulton and his Emmy Award-winning team.  Dave has been putting together video presentations for Fortune 500 companies, law enforcement and the legal profession since 1984.  His company has won so many awards there isn’t room for them all, and he’s stopped entering competitions.  

Dave has had a long time professional relationship with Dave “Cope” Copenhaver, going back to when they both worked for the State of Indiana.  Cope created the “Cone Crew” safety campaign for INDOT, a campaign quickly picked up nationally and promoted from coast to coast.  His interests expanded into high speed optical networks, ecommerce, and other cutting edge tech fields.

Then there’s Jon Quick, who worked closely with Dave to promote “Naptown Rock Radio Wars,” the documentary Dave produced on the history of rock ‘n’ roll radio in Indianapolis.  Jon’s 25-year background in marketing, public relations and promotions has made him one of the ‘go to’ people in Indiana to make things happen.   Rolling Stone wants to promote a Super Bowl party in Indy?  They call Jon.  Everyone does.  Jon is connected, and knows what to do, how to do it, and where to promote it.


The concept for is to bring together all three sides of the marketing triangle for companies who want to make things happen.   Internet video is in demand.  It’s one thing to create a video, and another thing to know what to do with it. does it all for you.  

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