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Traditional Maketing

“Nothing happens until there’s a sale, and nothing sells in a vacuum.”


A few years ago the Internet was compared to the ‘wild, wild west.’ Not many rules. We saw the mob sprinting to a gold rush to grab everything while making up the rules as they went along. Since then, the web has sorted itself out. We find there are patterns, demographics, and new media outlets. Opportunities for marketing and promotion cost pennies on the dollar to what traditional media would have cost.


Internet Video is king! There’s a really simple equation for this:


Internet Video = attention = SEO = clicks = conversions = sales


Web sites, social media, YouTube, and emails – they all require a different approach to what the Internet videos look like and how they are implemented. For a broad marketing strategy, it’s not a matter of just ordering up a platter of videos to send out. Maybe twenty years ago a professional could get away with that, but not today.


There are two reasons why video is the key to Internet Marketing:


1) Video engages. The purpose of video is to create an emotional tie between you and your audience. A well crafted and placed video will create an emotional need in your prospects to engage in your sales process.


2) SEO boost. The search engines love video. People stay on your page longer. People link to them more. They fulfill everything the search engines are looking for to make your site a player.


The basics hold true. Who is your audience? Where will they see your video? How do you want them to respond? But, after that, the highway has lots more exits and it’s easy to get lost. You can’t show up at Instagram with your website video. You can’t push a Facebook video in your email signature.


A dynamic Internet Video campaign is instrumental to a successful marketing strategy. The team at is ready to help you develop an effective campaign with video infused marketing.

What is Video Infused Marketing?
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